Soil Contamination Assessment Is the Job of Environmental Consultants

The demand for land on which businesses and industries can build factories, office complexes and housing continues to increase while the amount of available property decreases. Consequently, many business owners are opting to choose sites that already have abandoned buildings on them. Problems arise when the previous uses of these buildings include the presence of hazardous or even illegal materials. Environmental consultants can help a company determine how whether soil on which a building or factory stands is contaminated and what the contaminants are. Businesses that need denver contaminated soil consulting can contact DS Environmental Consultants to help determine which kinds of hazardous materials are present in the soil, how they can be removed and how long it will take to remove them.

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Soil contamination occurs when chemicals are buried in or leach into the soil. Chemicals made by man that contribute to soil contamination include solvents, lead, pesticides, asbestos and petroleum hydrocarbons. The pollutants may be a by-product of manufacturing or industrial use, or they could be the result of improperly stored waste or corroded storage tanks. No matter what causes the contamination, the pollutants must be removed before a building can be erected or an office moved into an existing space. If the contaminants aren’t removed, non-compliance fees will be assessed and it’s likely someone will get sick.

A firm experienced in denver and colorado springs soil consulting will test soil at the start of a project to determine what pollutants are present. Asbestos in particular is a contaminant that frequently occurs and, according to government regulations, must be removed. Environmental consultants sample the soil and analyze the chemicals in it, then develop a plan for cleaning up the soil so that it can safely be part of the building process. They also help oversee the entire building project and frequently are called on to monitor air quality throughout the project as well so that the safety of the workers on site is assured.

Frequently building owners or landlords today are having to deal with the aftermath of methamphetamine labs on their properties. The man-made chemicals that go into making this illegal substance include paint thinner, acetone, battery acid and lithium as well as other dangerous materials. Even when methamphetamine are made in controlled environments, dangerous chemicals are created during the manufacturing process. DS Environmental Consulting can help businesses as well as residential landlords who need contaminated soil remediation and meth lab cleanup.

Compliance with environmental regulations may be something that a business owner considers a headache, but it’s a necessary component of his operation. When he works with a colorado springs soil pollution cleanup expert like DS Environmental Consultants, he can feel assured that his property will meet the applicable laws. He’ll then be able to spend his time focusing on other important components of his business.

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